Group Chief Executive President (GCEP) and CEO of icigroup

The Group Chief Executive President and CEO of icigroup is responsible for the overall development of the company globally, and is based in the icigroup Headquarters office in Birmingham, UK.

Our CEO of icigroup, has long international experience in the the Motor Vehicle Industries, Construction Equipment and Agricultural Machinery field.  As well as his experience in Africa, he has for many years worked in the the Motor Vehicles sectors, construction equipment and Agricultural Machinery sectors in the Europe, Africa, Middle East, Caribbean, South America, Central America and Latin America.

ICIGROUP, CEO every day to day total responsibilities and accountabilities for the overall development of the company business activities in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Caribbean and Australia.ICIGROUP can a sure you that, any business or product you buy from us. We will make sure, you are fully comfortable and happy with the service we offer.


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