Invite you to be icigroup Auto Sole Agency in your country

(A) Why choose icigroup?

1.       We are private company, we are professional and aggressive.

2.       To be our Sole Agency in your country for long term cooperation.

3.        Our Automobile & Agricultural Machinery are strong Products to open your market;

4.       We will have more and more new models come out in 2010;

5.       Competitive Price, good Quality, excellent Service, rich Spare Parts, Training, unobstructed Communication, etc.

6.       A professional team to offer you reliable service.

(B) The Basic Requirements to be icigroup Sole Agency

  • Have strong confidence in icigroup, have the resolution to grow up together with icigroup, at least 1 years experience in Auto business in the local market is preferred.
  • A legal company registered in the local country. The company must have the right to import and distribute Automobile in the local market. (the copy of Company’s Registration certificate is needed).
  • Have existing facilities including Showrooms, Service Stations, Sub-dealers, Sales Network and service network. (real photo is needed )
  • Good sales report for last year (Market share, quantity, etc.);
  • Prepare a good facility plan ( showroom, service station, professional team, finance, etc) and order plan for 1st year;

(C) The procedure to apply for the Distributor Right

1.       Send the above files to icigroup;

2.       icigroup will evaluate and reply it within two days;

3.       If  we accept your company, icigroup will inform you and arrange a meeting to sign the Exclusive Agency Agreement;

4.       After signing the agreement you are required to place your initial  order  to test the market;

5.       Execute the order plan for next years;

6.       good communication between two parties..

7.       You can send your initial inquiry by email and address it to:

Thank you for your interests in icigroup! We welcome you to join our team and work together for a    bright future!

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