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We are looking for Region Overseas Representatives and Sales Reprsentatives in the Regions listed below. If you are out there and would be interested in becoming one of our appointed Region Overseas Representative  or Sales Representative in any of the Regions listed here, please email us to register your interest:

As a Region Overseas Representative, you will be required to recruit, develop, and, manage a Network of Sales Representatives in your region. In addition,  your role will be selling and promoting the sales of Premiere Cleaning Chemical Products in your country. Your primary function will be to solicit, secure, generate and close leads, educate prospects, fill needs and satisfy wants of consumers appropriately, and therefore turn prospective customers into actual ones. You are required to  understand a customer's goal and requirements relevant to the Premiere Cleaning Chemical Products - and the creation of a valuable Solution by communicating the necessary - information that encourages a buyer to achieve - their goal at an economic cost comprise the functions of the  salesperson.

There are quite a number of Fringe Benefits for our Region Overseas Representative, and, most importantly, an average Representative can earn Commissions and bonuses over and above GBP (£) 250,000.00 per annum depending with his/her experience, personal efforts and hardwork.

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To find out if you could become our Region Overseas Reprsentative or Sales Representative, all you need to do is get in touch with us at . Our UK Headquarters will be in touch within three working days to discuss the application process and the forms you’ll need to fill in. If all goes well - you could be icigroup Overseas Reprsentative in just 30 working days from now!

What are you waiting for? Apply now via email at:

International Nations & Regions:

·        Africa
·        Asia and Pacific Region
·        Australia/New Zealand & Oceania 
·        Europe
·        Middle East
·        North America & Canada
·        South America
·        Caribbean     

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